Front Axles & Components

Complete 50 Front Axle Assembly
$899.00 (with black tubes)

Complete 50 Front Axle Assembly
$965.00 (complete black out)

M&W 50" Front Axle $145.00 (Best Axle on the Market!!!)
 Winters Steel Snout Spindle $105.00
Winters Black Steel Snout Spindle $115.00
Winters King Pins and Caps $39.00/Set  
 Steel Thrust Bearing Kit $10.00
M&W Black Steering Arms $79.00/set ($52LH/$30.00RH)
M&W Steering Arms $72.00/Set ($48LH/$27RH)
Winters Front Hubs $229.00/Set (Gold instock as well)
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Winters Spindle Wrench $20.00
King Torsion Bar Reamer $199.00
DMI Reactor Torsion Bars $95.00ea. (Buy 4 & save at $92.50)
Bronze Torsion Bar Bushings $5.50
Schroeder Gun Drilled Bars $140.00ea. Buy 4 & save at $135.00ea.
Left Front Torsion Arm $55.00(Silver) $60.00(Black)
Brake Kit w/AFCO Caliper $235.00
(AFCO Caliper, Wilwood Rotor, Wilwood Pads, Caliper Mount, and Hardware)

Left Front Brake Kit w/Wilwood Caliper, Wilwood Pads,
Wilwood Aluminum Rotor, & M&W Mount $210.00
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AFCO F11 LF Caliper $135.00

Wilwood 2" Left Front Caliper $109.00 (Black $99.00)
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Wilwood 11" Scalloped Steel Rotor $82.50

STAINLESS STEEL Left Front Caliper Line Gaurd $7.00

Wilwood Front Brake Pads (Steel $38.50 & Alum. $28.00)

-3 Brake Line 16" - 24" $10.00

  Pro Adjustable Shocks $379.00 Standard $179.00